Our Mission

I grew up in South Florida. There is one season here in Miami — Summer. I’ve always found it mystifying that we weren’t using more solar energy. In the Sunshine State. Seriously. For years it seems, I’ve had many wine infused heated diatribes about how dumb it seems and how all this energy seems to be just outside the window.

Some friends of ours installed solar power to their house in Boston. A whole system. I felt totally hypocritical. If I’m so sure that solar power was the future for Florida, why didn’t WE have it? I realized that I am the exact problem that I’ve been bitching about. People that know better yet do nothing to transition into renewable energy.

Plus, Florida needs more power. In case you are unaware, we need more juice. Our esteemed utility FPL started plans to build new Nuclear reactors on Turkey Point, which, I feel is a huge disaster. More on that later.

I started looking into solar installation and it was SO CONFUSING. I feel like I couldn’t really get how to do it. I stopped looking. But,that’s not a solution.

Idea: What if I wade through all the information, tax credit forms,  installation companies and BLOG it? Make it pretty. Tart it up. I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, so perhaps I could lend a design hand to this and make the change to renewable energy a bit easier?

Gauntlet thrown. Here you will find our experience, research, mistakes (hope not) with solar power, as well as all the resources I can fit into this little blog.

Power to the People! Right On!

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